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Hearts to Actions

Heart Centered Businesses/Generosity and Profits

Keep Business Energy Flowing

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    B. Expanding in Flow

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Flow Success

    A. Abundance in                   Happiness

    B. Life Purpose

    C. Financial Success

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You hold the key strategies to your success. Find these keys and unlock your success codes from within you. Your keys lead you to find your blueprint and flow with abundance in wealth, health, relationships, and your full range of vibrant success.

How I serve you philosophy

"I coach clients individually or by group coaching webinars. I'm an integrative and high performance coach and I believe we do better when we flow with success and learn from obstacles.​"

Do you have a sound model for your business success?
Clients come to me when they have difficulties with knowing how to manage cash flow and fast changes, not understanding that successful online businesses involve a reiteration process which includes assessing progress systematically until success flows. If you find yourself getting bogged down in your passion but unable to reach your goals I am the person that can coach you to achieve faster success.
What does true business success look like to you?
Clients who were feeling defeated and confused about how to get from point A to point B and beyond, created solutions with me that helped them resource themselves in new ways and from new perspectives that helped them flow through their subconscious challenges.


​I can support you in creating the high-performance business you want – the one that genuinely changes people’s lives (including yours!) This transformation is amazing, like you.  I can help you build momentum, experience flow, attract your ideal clients, and use skills that work for you and then you and your business become more of everything you are.


What do you really want from your business?


While every heart-based entrepreneur is unique, there are some things we all want from our businesses. For example, you no doubt want a crystal clear vision that fills you with awestruck reverence every time you revisit it.  You want to feel excited, confident and in control as you work to build your business – product by product, client by client – around that vision. You want the journey of living into your dreams to energize and inspire you.
Above all, you want to know with 100% gut-level certainty that you’re playing big enough to make a real difference in the world. Anything less would simply be settling.

The road to making that happen isn’t always a smooth one.

At times, the path to high-performance entrepreneurship can feel like an endless trek up a treacherously steep and craggy mountain.  However hard you work, you just can’t seem to make the progress you expect of yourself. The frustration and struggle with obstacle after obstacle keeps overwhelming the flow you long for.
You know you need help with mastering new skills, aligning with what works, finding your flow, and overcoming the ever-present obstacles.
Where can you find someone to listen, really hear you, who can help turn your dreams and talents into success?

What if you had an experienced guide along the path?

Hi, my name is Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers. I have been through many business challenges myself and know that I needed mentors and coaches along the way to bring me to the success I have today. I now have over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, counselling/clinical psychologist, post-secondary professor, art therapist, dance/movement therapist, consultant, and coach. 
My approach is heart-centered with a positive, determined attitude and faith in our visions. I help entrepreneurs develop skills and many leadership resources that boost their innate brilliance in all aspects of their lives. I can help you bring your vision into your work and create a business reflective of who you are and are becoming as I’ve been helping new and developing entrepreneurs like you to evolve their visions, ace their just-in-time skills, significantly increase their resources, and shift up their performance levels for decades.


Where obstacles appeared by negative self-talk, new thoughts and feelings were implanted.  They burst these energy balls, learned new strategies and structures that work in the new cultures of business. These magical transformations happen with surprising joy and I get to witness these amazing transformations and successes with my clients.


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