How can Coaching Flow Success help your business?
Owning your own business can be challenging and yet you want to proceed. At times it feels like there is no one to listen carefully to your needs and help you make good decisions. Being a business owner can be a lonely and confusing experience. Have you ever longed for someone with skill in listening, sorting the chaff from the gold and finding authentic ways to move forward on your dreams?

My name is Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers. I am an entrepreneurial coach, with over 3 decades of counseling, teaching and consulting experience. I want to help you bring more of your true self into our business and be ecstatically successful. If this is your dream, also, read the list below and see if you recognize yourself in these descriptions. If you do, we may make a good team, and if so, you may not have to make your journey alone.


Are you:

• A new entrepreneur who’s starting from scratch?
• Already successful in your current role, but yearn to move beyond it?
• Dreaming of playing a bigger game so you can make a bigger contribution?
• Open to learning about and aligning your business with universal laws that will explode your success?
• An established entrepreneur who wants to understand the dynamics of the online, (internet) market and how they can adapt their existing products, ideas and courses to experience success and satisfaction in this market.

Is your business:

• Heart-centered and socially conscious?
• Based on a clear vision and mission that you’re proud of, yet humbled by?
• Inspiring and energizing in concept, but filled with energy-draining obstacles that often feel insurmountable?
• Successful and mostly satisfying, but somewhat stagnant. There is a longing to brainstorm new ideas, relevant to soul purpose that fit into the new market. By new market I mean all the changes that have developed since online marketing has emerged. I know it has an impact on our current business, products, and courses. I have a need to understand what this new consumer expects and how to move toward it, in ways that are authentic and desirable.

Do you:

• Care every bit as much about the difference your business makes as you do about the money it earns?
• Long to replace the struggle and frustration in your life with flow?
• Need practical wisdom, strategies and structure that propel your business forward to place you truly want it to be?

If you ache to play a bigger game, I would love to be your guide:

At Coaching Flow Success, my mission is to help new entrepreneurs like you to master the skills and structures that create wildly successful businesses.

Over time, I’ve developed a library of resources and skills from my history as a coach, entrepreneur, teacher, psychologist, dance/movement therapist, art therapist, and consultant.  And I’ve used those skills to help many, many previous clients to shift, recharge and progress towards the lives of their dreams and their business or career success. For example, some clients needed to get new perspectives about their options, some needed to clear their personal confusion that stemmed from a repetitive pattern, some clients who were overwhelmed with ideas, were able to construct a viable entrepreneur blueprint that led to clear actions and success. Some clients learned how to use images to envision their future business and some used movements of their body to become integrated for success, and some constructed models that led them to bigger business. All these actions helped them in their creative process and led them to verbalize their action plans.

If you’re looking for a guide along the path to becoming a high-performance entrepreneur, every step I help you take toward it will make me happy. But what will truly make me ecstatic will be seeing you skyrocket your success well beyond anything you’d dreamed of.

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