Interview with Keith Hutchings

I decided to start working towards this project 2.5 years ago. Because I had never done anything like this before, I decide my first step was to go bcak to school to learn some skills. I took a bridging course to re-learn all the shit I "Didn't need" back in highschool then a basic managment course and then a one year accounting course.

One thing: I am a fan of the "just do it" but I am also working from the lean start-up model because I don't have any other way. I think personally for someone new to this process, the best way is the side job that becomes your main gig if it works.

The business hasn't launched yet but the highs have been when I asked for help from someone expecting a condecending no and got a warm yes instead. And then they introduced me to someone else. The lows have been the waiting. It has been so frustrating at times. I don't have a lot of spare money so I have relied on the kindness of strangers and friends. Waited 3 months for a logo because the guy didn't get around to sending it. Loved it when it finally came through but eventually I will need something more professional. More waiting

Better Entrepreneur: I have yet to sell anything but sure have learned a lot over the last 2 and a half years. and having so much fun in the process. I have been doing a lot of "Networking" for this as a part of my learning. I am getting much better at that and made a few mistakes along the way. I am lucky in that I am a part of a mens group which gives me a place to examine the emotional causes behind mistakes or beliefs that hold me back. THis makes it much easier to learn from my mistakes because am thinking better all the time. But so far I haven't had the chance to make any huge mistakes. I am sure they will come in time.

Life: I decided to do this project for two reasons. first of all I want to , In the words of Ghandi "Be the change I want to see" I see problems in the society that I live in and decided that I have the skills needed to bring about change. I realised that I am very smart and have some good ideas that need to be in the public eye. But no-one important is going to ask the opinion of a 52 year old handiman from Coolbellup. But they will ask the opinion of the Millionaire entrepreneur. I want to move in the circles where I can really effect change. In order to do that I need credibility, and strangley, in our society, your bank balance effects your credibility.

Wealth to be perfectly honest scares the hell out of me and this is one of my biggest challenges. I have chosen all me life to be "Downwardly mobile" I worked at jobs that didn't pay very well but I loved. Now I am working on a project which has the potential to make me a hell of a lot of money over the next decade or so. Which will mean a whole bunch of challenges to my comfortable but not suffeciently challenging lifestyle. There is a certain nobility in being poor, or so I have believed for a long time. But the poor almost never effect widespread change. I have decided that I need to become Really really rich in order to bring about the changes that I want to make happen. So Wealth has become my only option.

>>How do you think about being generous to others because of being an entrepreneur?

I have always been a very generous person almost to a fault with my time. Part of the plan for the business is that once we have established some credibility to set up a not for profit to build these houses for people who have been locked out of the housing market. I feel it is important to first establish some credibility as a business and then set up a not for profit section which will be able to attract outside funding.

Additionally, I have gotten a lot of support and casual mentoring along the way developing this project to I will of course be "Paying it Forward" once I am successful and established

>>Is there anything else you would like to say about your particular business and your future as an entrepreneur?

For any budding entrepreneur I would strongly suggest taking an accounting course if you don't have any training in this area and to find some sort of support group where you can speak openly and safely about the emotions that hold you back. I see so many people including myself tripping themselves up on the road to success because of their own history/feelings.

Also wanted to add that if you are thinking of starting a business, start listening to podcasts. There is SO MUCH good information available for free right now. Every time you are driving your car, riding on a train or doing the dishes, you can be learning things which will progress your idea to fruition.

Hope that is useful


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