Interview with Thenuka


Can you please tell me a little about yourself? What are you currently into these days? Past experiences with entrepreneurship?

I'm an 18 year old high school senior, currently working towards getting accepted into a top Canadian business school. I'm hoping to pursue a BCom degree with a focus in marketing.

I currently occupy my time with school work, working out, or building passive income streams for myself.

I've experimented with creating sources of income online since I was 12, but did not have too much success until last year.

I developed a blog dedicated to helping people bypass geo-blocks on popular video streaming websites. The website has grown rapidly and is on track to making a six figure profit this year.

I'm currently experimenting with a few other website ideas as well.

That's great. Would you want to share the url, or keep it for yourself for now?

I would prefer to keep it to myself for now. However, I would be happy to provide any proof of earnings, traffic, etc.

I'll trust you on that :)

How long have you been an entrepreneur?

I would say since starting the blog in February of last year. Before that I experimented her and there and made a few thousands dollars, but I wouldn't really call it entrepreneurship.

Do you think you want to be a business entrepreneur? What about that appeals to you?

I do. Owning and managing my own businesses is a process of constant learning, failure, and evolving for me, which I love. The idea of working for myself, and being able to set my own schedule is something I've always wanted, and I think it would give me the freedom to truly experience life. I think that given the success I've had thus far, I'll have a bright path ahead of me.

What makes you suitable to being an entrepreneur?

I'm willing to push through failure time and time again to get to where I want to be. Before creating my blog, I lost thousands of dollars trying new ideas over and over again. I realized at a certain point that I didn't do this for the money, but for the process of learning and constantly growing. I love the process of being an entrepreneur more than I love the end goal, which is money. I think this mentality is quite valuable when pursuing a goal.

Do you think you have become a better entrepreneur over time? We talk about learning from mistakes, is that true?

I do. With each failure, you learn something new that can be used to push yourself one step further ahead in the future. Through my 20+ failures (yes, really), I've learned a lot about what I shouldn't do. By avoiding the same mistakes, I've progressed as an entrepreneur.

How do you think about "wealth" and bringing more financial success to you and your business?

Building wealth has allowed me to pursue bigger, and better projects that I previously could not have pursued if it weren't for my growing wealth. You also receive a greater sense of security, which helps to take your mind off of stress and worry, and instead focus solely on business.

How do you think about being generous to others because of being an entrepreneur?

I think being an entrepreneur has made me more generous, but only to people I see a drive, or a spark in. I was fortunate enough to have a few mentors that saw the potential in me, and have generously guided me since. Regardless of whether it's related to business or not, entrepreneurship has made me more generous to those with the passion to pursue their dreams.

I see myself in them, and feel it is my responsibility to pay it forward.

What are 3 tips you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful with their ventures?

1. Pursue your venture because you have a passion for building that business, not just because of the money. 2. You will run into a lot of negative people. You need to be a little bit hard headed, and trust that you are meant to be successful. 3. Balance your life. Be fit mentally, physically, and spiritually. Work hard play hard doesn't usually work.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your particular business and your future as an entrepreneur?

I'm confident that I'll do well, and I wish the same to everyone else!

Thank you for your time, Thenuka. I wish you luck in your future ventures.

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