Six Winning Pick up Sticks to Adapt and Tackle Your Future Business World


The business world is changing and the main driving force of that is technology. As someone who is entering the business world for the first time, there are certain skills that you will need to master.


1.Expecting the unexpected

Understand that you cannot predict the future and will at no point be prepared to handle ‘everything’. Technology is changing at an exponential rate and with that brings exponential changes to the business world. It affects how companies work together and how they operate internally. The point here is to not allow yourself to get comfortable with what you know. There will always be more to learn no matter how experienced you are in the field.


2.Humble your attitude

Use compassionate humility as a sincere way to humble yourself.  For some, it might be easy to get caught up in the momentum when one starts to gain success and become established in or as a company.  If you become content with the trajectory your career will eventually take, within time you will eventually see that trajectory plateau out. There will be a constant supply of new graduates entering the business world who have more developed technological skills than the generation before them. One can stay open to new learning and that will help success for the long haul.


3.Staying on top of the latest innovations and trends

It is important to continually keep up with the latest innovations and trends, not only in your area of expertise, but when looking at the overall landscape. Staying abreast with the times will keep you ahead of the curve and help businesses go viral. Take on the attitude that you will always face challenges from younger generations and use that as motivation to constantly push yourself to learn more every day is a win-win-solution.


4.Maintaining a professional appearance

A professional presence may sound obvious but this is a rule that is being neglected regularly. In the past, the task of appearing professional began when you walked in to the office and ended when you left. This timing and awareness of protocol is not the case anymore, thanks to social media.

Social media is now a big part of our lives. The majority of people use it in some form on a daily basis. You can post your life for the world to see within seconds, without even giving yourself a moment to consider the potential ramifications of what you have revealed.

With as little as a first and last name, which all of our potential employers will have anytime you hand them a resume, it is possible to find a lot of information on you using all of the various social media accounts that you use. Even if you add a layer of privacy to your accounts, it is still fairly easy to find information through the accounts of the people to which you are closest. Before you enter the business workforce, make sure your social media accounts reflect a professional appearance and maintain them in that way going forward.


5.Technical skills must be up to par and you might have to both consistently learn and hire more

There is no excuse for you not to know how to do basic technical trouble shooting. It is expected of this generation that they can easily navigate through the various tools and online collaboration platforms that are available. If you are going to have issues understanding how to use new platforms, you will run into major issues keeping up with your colleges and competitors.

Online collaboration is going to become integrated into the business world more and more and therefore it is important that you know how to use resources like Google Docs, which allows multiple people to work on a document in real time.

It is never too late to sharpen your technological and technical skills, even if you have no previous skills. Start today, for a more successful tomorrow. Find people to help you or take a class or go through the tutorials and practice as your business success is worth it and you will make a bigger difference in the world and that’s awesome.


6.Awareness of attitude is recommended

If you want to Thrive:  Be flexible, adaptive, and coherent with your business attitudes.  These qualities will be required in order to thrive in the ever changing business world of today.