Top 6 Ways to Inspire Others That Will Gain You Admiration 


How to inspire your colleagues, friends, and other people in general is a question that gets asked very often. By inspiring others with your personality, actions, and past experiences, you can gain their respect that is very valuable for your ‘name’ and networking possibilities. Having people admire your personality may, and in most cases will, benefit you in both the short and long terms. Following is a list of 6 ways, or methods if you will, for you to gain the respect of other by doing honorable things and interacting with people.


  • First but not least, care about others. The fact that you show your full attention and care towards another person, may it be your family member or an employee, will most likely NOT go unnoticed. Such act will earn you a lot of points in the way your colleague views your personality.


  • Another basic act of kindness that you can show others is encouragement. Everyone in this world has their ups and downs, be it the average teenage boy or a successful businessman. It is obviously fun to be with someone during their best times, but true friendships are tested when someone hits a low point; that is the time for you to act and encourage them to keep going and push harder. An interesting fact is that in a report published by the Institute for Strategic Change of the Harvard Business School, around 39% of workers feel underappreciated at work. As a leader, you are expected to encourage your team and show appreciation for hard work. It is indeed a proven fact that non-motivated team-members/employees produce lower results.


  • Be a good example. You may not notice this very often, but people are always observing you and their surroundings. It is nothing personal. It is just human nature. When you have a business meeting, or just stop at Starbucks for coffee, people are always observing. Be honest, work hard, work smart, be a gentle(wo)man. People seem to notice the small details. Did you smile? Was your attitude positive? Think about the last person you had a conversation with. Did they smile? What was their attitude like?


  • Share your experiences. As you are going through this list, I assume you have been to this world for at least a dozen years. You have more experiences to share with the world than you may think. Use your previous knowledge and stories from your personal life to communicate with people. This is a key method to inspire others.


  • Be vulnerable. People seem to connect with you the most when you share your experiences with them, even the negative ones, the ones in which you’ve failed. When sharing such experiences, people feel closer to you because you were honest with them at that moment and did not mind discussing a time in which you did not do very well. It is as if you shared a secret with them, which was not really a secret.


  • Communicate. Communication skills are an entire discipline of studies for humans, especially for people that thrive to achieve their goals and become successful. The ability to start a conversation with anyone within a split second is a quality that is not given, but earned through practice and experience. Anyone who strives to become their best should dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to practice their speech and communication skills. There are numerous excellent books and even training courses for improving such skills. A great way to practice is to just start a conversation with anyone, be it the person that sits beside you in the office, or a total stranger at the coffee store during your lunch. Learn something new about them; tell them something about yourself; have fun. People tend to follow leaders that have mastered their skills of communication and body language. It is now your move. Explore these skills today.


Action Step Exercise:   Go over this list more than just once, and think at what areas you can improve yourself. Make a check list and work on one item a week and see the feedback and the results for yourself.

We all seek admiration, but only people with truly positive intents gain it forever. Earning people’s respect and admiration is not a simple task, but is one that is very obtainable if you follow the steps mentioned above. You may already be successful at your field of expertise, but there is no limit to how much and how many people you can inspire with your experiences and leadership ethics.


“A student never forgets an encouraging private word, when it is given with sincere respect and admiration.”  - William Lyon Phelps